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  • If you need a news publishing script on your website, you are at the right place. News Script PHP Pro is designed to be easily integrated into your existing website. Visitors to your website will be able to read news, articles, interviews and stories which you have posted. News Script PHP Pro features: * one step installation wizard; * password protected admin area with multiple options and features that you can control; * ability to create non administrative news content editors/authors; * create news categories; * allow comments to be posted for each news article; * create a top news section; * ability to highlight specific articles in the news listing; * control over the size and position of accompanied photo for each article; * option to add youtube videos; * supports any language; * easy css setup with unlimited visual combinations; * easy to place on your webpage - copy and paste a single line of code; * html/text editor for the news content; * news archive; * 'Share This' button option; * set the number of news articles shown per page; * sort the order of comments (ascending/descending); * option to create a list of words that will be banned from news page; * prevention of HTML injections; * approve comments before having them listed; * email address where all new comments notifications will be sent to; * RSS Feed with images, validated by w3c; * readable
  • Simple CMS PHP is a simple php script and it can be use it for an easy content management system of the pages on your website. Installation is simple and administration is very user friendly. No need of programming skills. Simple CMS PHP script main features: - use the system in already created website; - simple installation - one step install wizard; - user friendly administrator page; - WYSIWYG(text) editor for the content of the pages; - any language support for the pages; - styling the content text; - just paste a single line of code on the page where you want to manage the content; - insert images into the content; - fully readable and simple php source code;
  • If you need a forum or discussion board on your website, you are at the right place. Simple Forum PHP is a script that is very easy to install and administer. Visitors to your forum will be able to post new topics as well as discuss and reply to other topics. The administration section of the script was made for user simplicity. By utilizing menu items, categories and features—anyone with little to no knowledge of websites or programming can easily get their forum to function and look just like they want. Simple Forum PHP features: * password protected admin area with multiple options and features that you can control; * multiple language support; * visual(css) style control in admin area; * control the number of topics per page; * option to approve topics/replies before having them posted; * choose order (assending or descending) of replies; * counter for the number of replies for each topic; * views counter for the topic; * option to receive email notices of new topics or replies that are posted; * ability to send email approval notice to the forum user when posting a topic or reply; * allowable HTML tags option; * options to post images, links, embeded vodeos(like youtube); * ability to create a list of banned words which will prevent unwanted words from being posted; * topics and replies captcha verification image; * html and javascript injection prevent; * RSS Feed with links to topics;
  • Flippy GagTube is the easiest way to create your own website similar to 9gag(dot)tv. Flippy GagTube makes is easy to manage and share interesting, viral YouTube videos in a simple and easy way. With Flippy GagTube it takes only matter of minutes to up and run your own like website. Try it yourself and see this amazing script in action.
  • Script Folder’s latest amazing product is “ScriptFolder Bookmark Drive”. ScriptFolder Bookmark Drive will let you make news/story and link shearing website within 10 minutes. ScriptFolder Bookmark Drive brings you list of amazing features right out of the box. Try using “ScriptFolder Bookmark Drive” and start your own Social News/Bookmark site like Reddit, Digg or Delicious today.
  • Flippy iGallery is a revolutionary PHP script that let your users create information galleries with text, images and videos. You can use this script for just about any kind of gallery. Try our demo and see all the features of this viral script.
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