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  • * Users can enter a long Url and create a shortened version that redirects to the original. * Users can enter a custom short url id. * IP blacklisting - ban users from either the whole site or just creating urls. * Term blacklisting - ban certain terms or website urls from being used. * Bookmark shortcut to the site - add 'create short url' link to browser for any site. * Bookmark shortcut to Twitter - shorten sites directly to Twitter. * Delayed, top/bottom framed or direct redirects. * Spam protection - Set minimum time between submissions. * Spam protection - Set maximum urls a user can create per day. * Maximum short url uses option. * Expiry date option. * Password set option. * 3 different coloured templates. * Easy Ads - Use the admin interface to easily integrate your banner ads/advert code. * Report abuse pages. * Translation admin tools. * Multiple language support. * Translation debugging tools. * Full admin area: * Easy installation.
  • Short a long urls in a short one, to be used in emails, blogging platforms or any website. You can use this script for managing downloads, masking URLs, or track how many times a link has been clicked. NEW FEATURES IN VERISION 3 * Responsive and clean layout - works on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Valid, clean, responsive template and easy to modify. * 3 types of redirects: instant redirect, delayed redirect and ifrmae redirect ( style). * New API integration Main features: * Custom short urls * Password protected urls, * Expiry date option, * Antispam and Security Settings (antispam code, bad words, IP banning, domain banning * Advanced Statistics Short URLs, * The ability to monetize the site (The administrator can set a intermediate page before redirecting, where you can put ads, banners, text links) * Languages and translates ... and more cool features(see demo)
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